Salesforce for Small Business

Salesforce for Small Business

Salesforce for small business is the world’s #1 small business CRM. Our easy to use, cloud-based, CRM is an ideal solution for SMBs allowing them to increase sales, generate more leads, improve customer service and ultimately grow, all while keeping costs down and future-proofing their business.

What makes Salesforce Ideal for SMBs.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM.

  • Low setup costs. No hardware, no software, no hassle.
  • Automatic upgrades: 3 times a year.
  • Customisable CRM to work the way your business works.
  • Scales with your business. Add users when you need to.
  • Integrate with over 2,600 apps from the AppExchange.
  • Enterprise level cloud security.

Salesforce Helps Increase Your Sales

  • Track & manage contacts from lead to customer. Give sales the info they need for precise follow up.
  • Personalise pitches & win more deals with a 360-degree view of the customer, their account & activity history.
  • Improve productivity with streamlined processes, mobile CRM, integrated email & easy collaboration.
  • Automated repetitive tasks focus on following up, building relationship & closing deals, not admin.

Companies using Salesforce report seeking:

+ 29% Jump Win Rates

+ 47% Better Forecast Accuracy

+ 38% Boost Sales Productivity

+ 31% Growth Sales Revenues

Salesforce Helps Improve Your Services

  • Get going in no time

Salesforce lets you start brining all of your support inquiries together in one easy-to-use console. In just a few hours you can offer personalized service on every channel—quick.

  • Quickly respond on every channel

Whenever customers need help, be there. Whether by email, phone, or social channels, quickly route their requests to agents who can access a complete customer history.

  • Monitor and improve every day

Don’t just solve cases and move on. Use what you’ve learned to make better business decisions. Reporting capabilities turn cases into actionable insights that can improve customer service.

Companies using Salesforce report seeing:

+ 34% Jump Customer Retention

+ 38% Increase Customer Satisfaction

+ 40% Faster Case Resolution Time

+ 38% More Agent Productivity